Jazz vocal (Suisse)
Site officiel : https://joannepeacock.com

The Peacock Project is the result of a collaboration between Argentinian pianist, composer and arranger, Lucas Herrera Fernandez and British vocalist Joanne Peacock. The duo invites jazz musicians from diverse cultural backgrounds to join them in creating a fusion of sounds, creating a rich tapestry of melody and harmony. 
Jazzy Musicals is their first EP, a modern fusion between jazz and musical theatre in new arrangements written by Lucas Herrera, bringing a fresh perspective to timeless songs from great composers such as Sondheim, Bernstein, Gershwin and Rogers and Hammerstein. Vartan Baronian’s use of cello as a bass instrument adds richness and depth to the ensemble’s sound. Liviu Marculescu’s addition of trombone and duduk adds intriguing layers of sound and cultural influence. The combination of these instruments creates a unique and rich background for Joanne’s vocals.

Joanne Peacock – voice
Lucas Herrera Fernández – piano, arrangements 
Liviu Marculescu – trombone, duduk 
Vartan Baronian – cello